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Candace Owens Blasted After Saying Alex Jones Tells Truth

Candace Owens Blasted After Saying Alex Jones Tells Truth

Alex Jones tells the truth, says Candace Owens, and overwhelmingly, the public response could be boiled down to, “Wait, about what?”

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It’s not just that the conspiracy theories people associate with Alex Jones and his Infowars network are unbelievable. It’s that they’re dangerous and offensive.

Owens tweeted Saturday to assert (while passing the buck by contributing the sentiment to an anonymous source) that MSNBC‘s Rachel Maddow is a conspiracy-spreader, while Alex Jones tells his listeners the truth. The response was swift and sharp: what truth?

Could she mean when Jones pushed Pizzagate, a conspiracy that resulted in a believer with a gun showing up to terrorize innocent diners at a pizza shop with no basement? Or perhaps when he called the child victims of a mass shooter actors, and his fans proceeded to harass grieving families for years? Or maybe the one about 9/11 being an inside job?


Notably, as reported by NBC in 2017, in court filings from Jones’ custody battle, his own lawyer describes him as a performance artist, and says that when he shares conspiracy theories on his show and website, he’s just “playing a character.”

The filings claim that the real Alex Jones, off the set, is nothing like the conspiracy-promoting character he plays — so when Candace Owens declares his ‘reporting’ to be a source of truth, she’s claiming for Jones a level of credibility that even his own paid representative wouldn’t claim in court.

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