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Candace Owens “Begging To Be Banned” As She Tweets That COVID-19 Vaccines Don’t Work

Candace Owens “Begging To Be Banned” As She Tweets That COVID-19 Vaccines Don’t Work

Candace Owens Twitter account has a banner image describing her as “uncancelable.” It’s an obvious play on the right-wing narrative of ‘cancel culture’ — perhaps better described as consequence culture. However, so far Owens hasn’t managed to earn the elusive badge of being banned from most major social media platforms for spreading disinformation, and a Wednesday tweet might get her closer to that goal.

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Owens retweeted a Newsweek post that linked to an article and read, “Like the Delta variant, Lambda is highly infectious and thought to be more resistant to vaccines.”

Adding her own commentary, Owens suggested this was misleading, that vaccines don’t actually work, and that such reporting is a way of dodging that “truth.”

Of course, as Candace would have seen if she opened the Newsweek piece herself, it’s very open about what scientists are seeing with regard to new variants and vaccine efficacy.

“Even still, studies show vaccines protect against all the major coronavirus strains, including the Delta variant, and researchers believe this to be the case with Lambda. As of now, though, there hasn’t been sufficient data regarding exactly how effective current vaccines are against preventing infection from Lambda.”

Now other Twitter users are asking why Owens is still being allowed to share this kind of disinformation.


Owens may call herself ‘uncancelable,’ but it’s clear that Twitter users are ready for the platform to make a decisive move to stop the spread of disinformation. Twitter, which for a period of time after the election added an option to report election and health disinformation, hasn’t responded to the call, so far.

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