#CancelJimJordan Trends On Twitter Amid Widespread GOP Criticism

The Republican Party isn’t exactly doing well, regardless of what they’ll tell the media. Crowing about their “win” at the impeachment trial (where else but in Washington could a 57-43 vote be considered a victory for the losing side thanks to a technicality?), the Party of Trump is now gearing up for what they believe will be an easy midterm sweep in 2022 now that they’re free to associate with Trump again in the wake of his “acquittal”.

Midterm elections have been historically bad for the party holding the White House, but 2022 will bring baggage with it like no other before. The public has a much longer memory than any politician wishes they had, and there are twenty vulnerable Republican Senators up for re-election along with every Republican seat in the House. With more than half of Americans believing Trump should have been convicted at his second impeachment trial, his Republican accomplices should be worried about the implications from whatever a potential January 6th commission might uncover.


While elected Democrats never like to play dirty unlike their Republican counterparts, it’s become clear they’re going to have to up their game when it comes to shining a light on their more unsavory opponents. A simple read of most House GOP members is like a Hall of Shame. Devin Nunes. Kevin McCarthy. Matt Gaetz. There are just too many to name, but some have made themselves stand out in the worst possible way, and that’s where Jim Jordan enters the picture.

While Jordan is eligible to run for the vacant seat left by Senator Rob Portman, Jordan has chosen to run for re-election in the House instead. Jordan often likes to whine about “cancel culture”, so now political PAC Really American is raising money to place billboards in his gerrymandered district to “Cancel Jim Jordan”. It quickly picked up steam and #CancelJimJordan began trending almost immediately.

Jordan already has one declared Democratic opponent, Jeff Sites.

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