Can The US Capitol Allow for Public Access While Staying Safe From Terrorist Attacks?

After a man drove into the barricades of the United States Capitol this week, General Russell Honore has said that the building is more of a target than every before.

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The General was discussing the attack, which left one officer dead and another injured with George Stephanopoulos. The host began by asking, “We don’t know exactly what motivated the killer on Friday, but it does seem increasingly clear that the Capitol is becoming more of a target than ever.”

Absolutely,” replied Honore. “from inside the Capitol, talking to many members of congress on both the senate and the house side, from both parties, they all left us with the impression that the number one mission is to secure the Capitol t make sure it has 100% public access. This is something that it valued by every member of congress we spoke to in the 6 weeks we were there.”

The General continued, “at the end of the day, 24/7, 365, the Capitol Police have to be ready to protect that Capitol. This is the only the police force in America that works for Congress… It’s designed and built to protect that one building. And yet there are those who made snarky comments about ‘well they’ve got all these police to protect one building.’ Yup, it is the most important building in America because it is the seat of our democracy. If that building and the people that are in it don’t function, we no longer have democracy.”

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