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Can the Government Support Your Business in the Wake of a Disaster?

Can the Government Support Your Business in the Wake of a Disaster?

Steering a business toward success amid this turbulent time in world history will prove to be a truly testing endeavor for countless American entrepreneurs. 

It’s hard enough to run a company without having to contend with the threat of wildfires, pandemics, wars in Ukraine, hurricanes, and earthquakes, but it’s a reality that many business owners face today. 

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Suppose you have found yourself in the upsetting and potentially career-ending position of needing to navigate your business through the after-effects of a disaster. In that case, the government might be able to help you out. 

Here are some vital points to note to aid you in your recovery and hopefully allow you to come back even stronger. 

Consult the Experts

First of all, if you have recently suffered from a disaster, you should turn to an expert disaster relief service for advice and support. 

This can help you minimize the risk of continuous damage and enable you to start restoring your physical assets as soon as possible. If you need somewhere to start looking, it’s worth checking out the wonderful team at https://ncricat.com/services/storm-damage/ for support. 

When Does the Government Intervene? 

Various occurrences that inhibit or endanger the functions of a community are classed as disasters. In the States, some of the most common disasters include tornados, earthquakes, wildfires, floods, and hurricanes, but it’s not just limited to natural disasters. 

Local governments will likely intervene in many smaller disasters. Still, if the toll of the event is too heavy a burden for local authorities to contend with, federal aid can be requested from a governor. 

FEMA Relief 

The FEMA (federal emergency management agency) is the branch of government responsible for handling disaster response in the United States. They often work closely with small businesses to alleviate the resulting damage. 

They may offer you financial relief in some cases, particularly if you cannot cover the entire cost of your losses through your insurance. 

It is worth contacting them to see if you are eligible for a grant of some description, especially if you have suffered some form of structural damage. Grants by the FEMA don’t have to be repaid

SBA Disaster Assistance

Last year, the SBA distributed nearly $416 billion in relief funding as countless small businesses struggled (and struggle still) with the pandemic. 

See Also

They offer low interest loans that aim to support business owners through tough times, and they are likely worth applying to if you need a hand to get back up and running after a disaster. 

Local Government

If you have not already done so, checking out your local government’s website for advice and guidance could yield some helpful results. 

There may be a specific relief scheme in place to support those affected by the same disaster you suffered from. 

Even if there is not yet direct financial support available, they will probably be able to offer you guidance and support throughout the next stages of your company rebuild. 

Help is out there, you just need to seek it out and stay strong during what is undoubtedly a testing time in your life as a business owner. 

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