California Surpasses New York in Coronavirus Cases

For the first time since the Coronavirus outbreak began impacting the United States, California has surpassed New York in case numbers, as other states are also seeing their own COVID19 case numbers rise dramatically as well.

Hospitalizations nationwide have now returned to nearly April’s peak numbers, and states like Georgia, Arizona, Florida, and Texas are also seeing extremely drastic increases. Over 18 states have been mandated to return to the White House’s Phase One lockdown requirements, even as the Trump Administration still pushed to reopen schools.


While other countries have been able to reopen thanks to adhering to strict lockdown and mask-wearing measures, the United States recorded 1,000 deaths yesterday alone, with 70,000 new cases being reported daily. The US is so far behind Europe that leaders in Denmark refused to shake hands with Mike Pompeo during their meetings.

Donald Trump held his first Coronavirus Press Briefing in two months yesterday, once again referring to the Cornovirus as the “Chinese Virus”, and once again citing false information when lying to reporters who questioned his statistics. Trump also signaled the imprisoned Ghislaine Maxwell by saying “I wish her well” in response to a question about her.

Even as Coronavirus cases rise in every state, GOP leaders are still pushing to reopen schools to have in-person learning instead of remote classes via the internet. In California, Governor Gavin Newsom has responded by reclosing most of the businesses that had reopened, and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is contemplating returning to full lockdown status for LA County.

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