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California’s Steve Knight Features Violent Racist and Anti-Semite in Campaign Ad

California’s Steve Knight Features Violent Racist and Anti-Semite in Campaign Ad

Just four days away from the midterm elections, candidates are making their final pushes to mobilize their bases and get their supporters to the polls. For the GOP candidate in California’s 25th Congressional district, Steve Knight, this has meant featuring a known racist and anti-Semite in his campaign ad.

The LA Times reported that Knight, who is up against Democratic challenger Katie Hill, posted a television ad on the home page of his campaign website featuring veteran David Brayton.

In the video, Brayton, from Santa Clarita, praises the Republican candidate for helping secure his lung transplant. Knight then declares he is “proud” to have the backing of a veteran like Brayton.

However, Brayton’s Facebook page is littered with anti-Semitic and overtly racist comments. He has also publicly promoted violence towards journalists and urged citizens to turn weapons on left-wing protestors.

As recently as Monday, the LA Times reported Brayton wrote on his Facebook wall “CNN should be indicted, found guilty and face a firing squad” over its White House reporting.

Another post from May featured two white men placing a noose around former President Barack Obama’s neck with the caption, “you will be hung by the neck until dead”, adding, “take your smug ass to hell”.

Brayton also quoted Adolf Hitler directly in a social comment he left on his own page.

The content was so extreme, on Thursday, Facebook announced it would be closing Brayton’s account for violating its community guidelines.

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For Knight, Brayton’s endorsement undermines his campaigning as a moderate. Even in Knight’s campaign ad, Brayton appears wearing a red shirt with the word “infidel” appearing in front of an American flag, a barely concealed swipe at Muslims.

This did not deter Knight from bragging about Brayton’s endorsement. On September 18, the Knight campaign Facebook page posted, “I am proud to have earned David Brayton’s vote, but this is who we work for. Every. Single. Day”.

Working for racists. Every. Single. Day. hardly smacks of a moderate Republican candidate.

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