CA Governor Newsom Reclosing All Indoor Bars, Restaurants, Theaters

California’s Governor Gavin Newsom announced today that he is reclosing all indoor bars, restaurants, and movie theaters, as Coronavirus cases are rapidly increasing in that state.

Newsom also announced other reclosings including gyms, houses of worship, personal care services, malls, offices, and hair salons. He’s been a strong presence on the national scene, constantly challenging the White House on their lack of leadership and defying Donald Trump on the issue of reopening schools.

Many states are finding themselves in the exact same situation, with Eater keeping a list of national closings state-by-state. Even as the GOP pushes to reopen schools, Blue State Governors are fully pushing back.

Newsom isn’t worried about tweets from Trump, he told reporters during a news conference Wednesday. “What we need to address is safely reopening schools and we need to make that a foundational principle. That to me is not negotiable.”

In neighboring Oregon, Governor Kate Brown is mulling over the same decision. COVID19 cases are rising in all of the states in the Western State Pact (Washington, Colorado, and Nevada are the other three states in the pact), but Brown has been under pressure from business owners in Portland and in more rural counties.

California’s most recent COVID19 cluster was traced to an apparel factory in Los Angeles where over 300 employees tested positive. Their prison system has been overrun with coronavirus outbreaks as well, with a massive cluster based in the correctional facility at Chino. Some inmates there were transferred to San Quentin, which had previously seen zero cases, and is now reporting its own outbreak. California hospitals also reported an increase in the number of coronavirus patients, with 6,485 people hospitalized with Covid-19 as of Sunday.


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