‘Bye Aubro’: Aubrey Huff Blames Twitter Suspension on ‘Karens’

Former MLB player/MAGA supporter Aubrey Huff had his Twitter account suspended Monday night, and rather than admit he constantly violated the platform’s rules by tweeting misinformation about the Coronavirus, he’s blaming the people who reported him for his bad behavior. Huff is a fervent anti-vaccination supporter and said last June that he would “rather die of coronavirus than wear a mask and live in fear.”

He had also made headlines for numerous controversial tweets. In November, he posted a picture of a gun range target ridden with bullet holes, explaining that he was instructing his kids on how to use a gun in case Bernie Sanders won the presidential election. In January of 2020, Huff bashed the San Francisco Giants, his former organization, for promoting Alyssa Nakken to become the first full-time female assistant in MLB. Huff said he “couldn’t imagine taking baseball instruction from an ex-female softball player. Earlier that month, Huff suggested on Twitter that people “kidnap” Iranian women to use as servants, only to backtrack the statement and question the overall lack of humor on the platform.

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“It finally happened!” Huff wrote in an Instagram post alongside a screenshot of his suspended account. “The beta cucks and liberal Karen’s over @twitter hate when people speak the truth or make money (off) their liberal platforms!” Huff, who had over 214,000 Twitter followers, advised his 278,000 Instagram followers to follow his backup account in case his main account is suspended, too. “I consider this a badge of honor!” Huff wrote. “I’ll never stop! Don’t you patriots!!”

Due to his social media presence, the Giants did not extend an invitation to Huff to a reunion for the 2010 World Series-winning team, calling Huff’s actions “unacceptable.”

Twitter almost universally rejoiced in Huff’s ban from the site, which happily coincided with another week’s suspension from another COVID denier, Marjorie Taylor Greene.

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