“By The End Of April” Trump Conspiracy Theorists Set New Date For Imagined Return To Power

Q-anon followers and other pro-Trump conspiracy theorists are still trying to paint a future in which Donald Trump is returned to office for the current Presidential term. After the failure of their March 4th prediction, new dates are being posited, including ‘by the end of April.’

Donald Trump conspiracy theorist says he lost
[Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images]

Jeff Jansen, a Trump-supporting conspiracy theorist who calls himself a prophet, says in the clip below that the military is currently in control of the U.S., and that they (the military) “have already made their determination” and now must merely execute it. (In case it’s not clear, the military does not make any “determination” about who will be President of the United States, nor do they have the power legally to remove and replace President Biden with Donald Trump, or anyone else.)

“It’s about returning civil power, after the We the People factor, the rightly, duly elected President from this past election comes forward and they expose the corruption, there will be civil power restored to the United Staets and that President will be Donald J. Trump.

Watch what the Lord does, but…I would be surprised if things don’t happen by the end of April. I’m talking 23rd, 24th, 25th, which I believe are key dates.”

Jansen’s theory echoes others from q-anon believers, who have made such disparate, contradictory, and extreme claims as Joe Biden not actually being in the White House, and Donald Trump secretly running the country as President from Mar-A-Lago and waiting to reign openly again after a military coup.

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