Busted For Cancun Vacation While Constituents Literally Freeze, Ted’s Cruisin’ Back to Houston

After the huge outcry of anger at Ted Cruz for jetting off to warm, sunny Cancun Wednesday night while millions of his constituents literally are freezing, it appears that the Texas Republican senator is returning to his home state. In photos that went viral on Twitter, Cruz was seen with his family Wednesday night in a terminal at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston and later aboard a flight to the Mexican resort. He also was photographed, mask-less, in the United Airlines lounge prior to boarding.

Cruz’s trip comes as the state he represents is suffering through the worst winter storm it’s experienced in decades and the state’s energy distribution system literally has frozen. Millions of people are under boil water advisories, but rolling blackouts and iced over natural gas distribution lines and control panels are making that impossible. The situation is dire throughout much of the state.

Thursday morning someone snapped a pic of a flight status board at the Cancun airport that appears to show that Cruz will be returning to Houston in the afternoon. What appears to be his name is shown on the waiting list for an upgrade to business class on United flight #1015. Based on just that photo it’s not possible to determine if just the senator or his entire family is departing 85 degree Cancun to return to 38 degree Houston.

While his Senate office has not yet issued a formal statement, it indicated to media outlets that Cruz simply made the trip to accompany his wife, Heidi, and their children to the resort town and that he had always intended to return Thursday. His spokespeople did not explain, however, why it would have been necessary for him to escort his wife, a highly competent managing director at Goldman Sachs, on a two-and-a-half hour flight to a resort that the family has visited many times.

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