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Buffalo Police Say White Supremacist Killer Would Have Kept Killing If He Hadn’t Been Caught

Buffalo Police Say White Supremacist Killer Would Have Kept Killing If He Hadn’t Been Caught

The white supremacist gunman accused of slaughtering 10 Black people in a racist rampage at a Buffalo supermarket planned to keep on killing if he had escaped the scene, the city’s police commissioner said Monday.

The possibility of federal hate crime or domestic terror charges were being discussed for the racist who had crossed the state to specifically target Black people and other people of color at the Tops Friendly Market. Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia told CNN the 18-year-old who wrote racist slurs and phrases such as “Here’s your reparations” on his AR-15 “was going to get in his car and continue to drive down Jefferson Avenue and continue doing the same thing,” the commissioner said.



Payton Gendron traveled about 200 miles from his home in Conklin, New York, to commit the attack, police said. Authorities said he wielded an AR-15-style rifle, wore body armor, and used a helmet camera to Livestream the bloodbath on the internet. Gendron was taken into custody without incident as most white gunmen are, and was arraigned on a murder charge over the weekend. Despite broadcasting the massacre live and leaving behind a “manifesto,” Gendron pleaded not guilty.

The commissioner’s account was similar to portions of the racist 180-page document written by Gendron that said the assault was intended to “terrorize all non-white, non-Christian people and get them to leave the country.” Federal authorities were working to confirm the document’s authenticity.

Former Buffalo Fire Commissioner Garnell Whitfield Jr., lost his 86-year-old mother, Ruth Whitfield, in the shooting when she stopped by the Tops Friendly Market after making her daily visit to her husband in a nursing home. The former commissioner rhetorically asked how the country could allow its history of racist killings to repeat itself.


“We’re not just hurting. We’re angry. We’re mad. This shouldn’t have happened. We do our best to be good citizens, to be good people…We treat people with decency, and we love even our enemies,” Whitfield said at a news conference with civil rights attorney Ben Crump and others.  “And you expect us to keep doing this over and over and over again — over again, forgive and forget,” he continued. “While people we elect and trust in offices around this country do their best not to protect us, not to consider us equal.”

Federal prosecutors said they are contemplating hate crime charges for Gendron.


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