Brzezinski: Buttigieg Fading Because Dem Voters “Don’t Want to Make Another Mistake”

When Pete Buttigieg threw his hat into the ring for the Democratic nomination, he was relatively unknown. That has certainly changed as the South Bend mayor raised his name recognition and, for some time, hung with the top contenders. Recent polls, however, show that Buttigieg is staring to fall behind the leaders.

Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

While there is certainly time for the 37 year-old to rise back up in the polls, Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski doesn’t see this happening. On Monday’s broadcast, the host theorized that Buttigieg is fading because Democratic voters are scared of nominating the wrong candidate to take on Donald Trump.

A recent poll from the Des Moines Register showed Buttigieg at a 16% share for the Iowa Caucus. This number is 9% lower that where he was in November of 2018.

Pollster Ann Selzer says of the number, “It reflects that he’s fading from his previously strong position.”

Talking about the numbers this morning, Brzezinski said, “Even though in many ways those who have studied him closely might find him to be tremendously qualified and maybe more qualified than most candidates in terms of knowledge, but he’s 37? Is he 37? His age?”

The host continued, “in the middle of this Iran crisis I think people ultimately are not really looking at who he’s married to. Looking at age and they, just at this point if you’re done with Trump, or you never were with Trump, you don’t want to make another mistake again. I think age plays into that. Age and experience.”

The Des Moines Register currently shows Bernie Sanders in the lead with a 20% vote share.


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