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Brooklyn Hipster Fired From Job For Drunken Racial Slurs Against Blacks And Latinos

Brooklyn Hipster Fired From Job For Drunken Racial Slurs Against Blacks And Latinos

A Brooklyn hipster has been fired from his real estate agent position after he was caught going on a brutal drunken rant that was filled with nothing but racism. The video was captured by Rahir Cozart outside of the Bushwick bar.

The video clearly shows Chris Giardina, 29, firing off an expletive-fueled rant against a black bouncer at the bar. Giardina uses the n-word and other swear words as Cozart films the action.

“Touch me again you f—ing n–r,” the Boston-area native can be heard clearing stating. He then turned to Cozart and shouted a slur against Latinos: “Yeah I said it, ‘cause he’s punching me you f––ing s–c.”

Giardina during the rant is on the phone attempting to have police arrest the bounce who he claims hit him.

“Get a cop here now or I’m going to end up burying this black guy,” Giardina whines into the phone.

“I will bury you,” he shouts several times at the bouncer. “You hit me in the face like a dirty, f–g black person. You’ll lose your job and you’ll lose your house. Trust me.”

The rant didn’t end there, Giardina then adds, “What is this, Harlem?”

During an interview with the New York Post, Giardina said it wasn’t racist because someone else used the n-word first.

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“The word that I used, that I’m embarrassed by using, was being thrown around the entire time. It was already in the air. It doesn’t make me a racist; it makes me an idiot,” he told the NYPost.

When asked about the latino curse, he said nobody that he could recall made the same comparison.

Cozart perfectly summed up the hatred that was captured on video:

This Is America Y’all ! I Never Thought I’ll Personally Experience This In Person But Unfortunately I Did Last Night. It’s Sad That So Much Hate Is Within Around Us All Just Because The Color Of Our Skin Or Just Because The Country We Come From. We Need Some Change !

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