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Broidy Admired Trump Because he Could ‘Sexually Abuse Women And Get Away With it’ Says Alleged Victim

Broidy Admired Trump Because he Could ‘Sexually Abuse Women And Get Away With it’ Says Alleged Victim

Former Playboy model, Shera Bechard has been pulled into the whole Michael Cohen/Donald Trump legal mess after the man she had an affair with, Elliot Broidy, just happened to use Mr. Cohen to work out a deal to silence her. Bechard, who had a four-year long affair with the former Republican National Committee deputy finance chairman, was impregnated by Broidy and then agreed to a $1.6 million dollar deal to keep quiet about it.

This last week, however, a lawsuit filed on the behalf of Bechard, against Broidy, was unsealed by a California Judge and the details were quite alarming. Not only did the two have a 4-year long affair, but according to Bechard the affair was allegedly filled with both physical and sexual abuse on the part of Broidy.

Making the unsealed court filing even more interesting is the fact that Bechard also alleges that Mr. Broidy said that Donald Trump was an “idiot who couldn’t even pronounce the names of countries correctly,” and she claimed that Broidy admired Trump because of his “uncanny ability to sexually abuse women and get away with it.”

Broidy denies almost all the allegations, telling the Huffington Post that Bechard is trying to “extract money from me by making up false, malicious and disgusting allegations.”

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Broidy said, “I have acknowledged making the mistake of having an affair, and I entered a confidential agreement to protect my family’s privacy.”

While these are all just allegations for now, Bechard’s story seems to show that the man who she alleges to have sexually and physically abused her, admires the President because he’s been able to do the same to many women and then get away with it.  While Trump has yet to face major legal setbacks from the allegations against him, Broidy seems to be in the opposite situation.

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