Fox News Analyst Blasts Trump For John McCain Condolence Tweet That Offered No Praise

Fox News analyst Brit Hume is not happy with Donald Trump’s tweet which offered condolences for the loss of Arizona Senator John McCain.

“My deepest sympathies and respect go out to the family of Senator John McCain,” Trump tweeted Saturday after McCain’s family announced he had died. “Our hearts and prayers are with you!”

Hume immediately took issue with the tweet, noting that Trump did nothing to praise the various accomplishments and sacrifices John McCain had made while serving the United States in various capacities for the last 61 years.

“Still not a kind word about McCain himself,” Hume tweeted while sharing the President’s early message.

McCain and Trump were not exactly best buddies during the President’s first 20 months in office. It was McCain who stopped Trump’s repeal of Obamacare and Trump referred to the veteran as “not a war hero.” Even after his death, Trump’s aids said he didn’t regret his war hero comment. Hill Reporter would like to remind our readers that Donald Trump avoiding the draft by claiming to have “bone spurs.”

John McCain reportedly asked that Donald Trump not attend his funeral. He did, however, ask that Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush deliver eulogies.

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