Brian Kemp Bans Georgia Cities From Mandating Masks

Brian Kemp, who stole the Georgia Gubernatorial election from Stacey Abrams, is one of several Republican Governors choosing to remain in step with Donald Trump instead of science by banning cities in his state from mandating the wearing of masks.

The mayors of the largest cities in Georgia are openly defying Kemp, saying they’ll still mandate masks and will issue fines for anyone defying the local orders.

Despite his state being a hotspot for new Coronavirus outbreaks, and Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms testing positive for COVID19 along with her entire family, Kemp is siding with the Trump Administration instead of the CDC when it comes to implementing safety guidelines. Aside from walking back the mask mandate, Kemp is also determined to reopen schools as well.

As of today, there are 3.5 million cases of COVID19 in the United States, with the death toll hovering close to 140,000. And while some Republicans have finally acknowledged that it’s neither going away nor getting better, and have begun openly criticizing the administration’s handling of the pandemic, Kemp remains firmly in the Trump camp.

A state-by-state analysis shows Georgia is just one of many Red States showing dramatic increases in new cases. The CDC is now predicting over 250,000 deaths nationally by Thanksgiving if stricter guidelines aren’t implemented immediately. Experts say that 8 weeks of consistent mask-wearing and strict stay home orders could make a dramatic difference and lead to safer reopenings.

With reports that Trump hasn’t met with Dr. Anthony Fauci since June 2nd to discuss the coronavirus crisis and still no federally mandating mask orders in place, most Blue State Governors have taken on an “every state for itself” stance to protect their constituents. Meanwhile, #BrianKempIsAMonster is currently trending on Twitter.

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