Brewery Cancels Donald Trump Campaign Event After Customer Complaints

Stars & Stripes Brewing Company says that their business will not host an event for the Donald Trump campaign. It seems that it was only customer complaints that alerted the business that they had become an event locale. Responding to customers on social media, they say they were misled, and don’t intend to endorse any candidates.

Women For Trump cancels stop after customers complain to brewery
[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

The Trump campaign’s Monday press release for the Women For Trump Tour now says that the first stop is at a restaurant called Jimmy the Greek’s, but initial plans involved a stop at Stars & Stripes Brewing Company, the Bangor Daily News reports. However, the brewery put a halt to that after customer complaints alerted them that they were intended to be the site of a formal event.

Owner Brad Nadeau, a veteran himself, says that while the company holds fundraisers for veterans and similar events, it isn’t taking any partisan positions. ”

I tried so hard to keep this brewery positive, and we haven’t had any backlash because we don’t do anything that’s negative. But when it comes to politics, people are so far on either side.

User screenshots capture the moment that the Women For Trump campaign’s plans changed.

Nadeau told the Press Herald he was misled about the scope of the event. He’d understood that Lara Trump and a few other women, traveling on a tour bus, would stop in for a beer. Reporters might be attracted to their presence, but he wasn’t told that a full-on event was planned.

“Beer and politics never go together,” he said.

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