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Breitbart Guest: We Should Not Have Emergency Coronavirus Aid Because Of Trans People

Breitbart Guest: We Should Not Have Emergency Coronavirus Aid Because Of Trans People

It is no secret that transgender people, thanks to society’s bigotry, often have a much rougher financial time than the general population. Now, a guest on Breitbart News is using that fact to argue against emergency coronavirus aid.

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Ed Martin, who heads up Phyllis Schlafly Eagles, is carrying on his organization’s namesake’s bigoted work in grand fashion. He appeared on “Breitbart News Tonight,” and, like every other program throughout the country, coronavirus was being discussed. Martin had a most curious take on the aid being debated to combat the pandemic, however.

Martin was on as a guest co-host, and led the show with Breitbart Senior Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour on Tuesday Their guest that evening was Republican Congressman Larry Buschon, hailing from Indiana. When the subject of coronavirus aid came up, Martin urged the Congressman to keep things temporary, and not to give anything to low-income Americans — you know, the ones who need it the most.

Martin attacked so-called “entitlements,” saying:

“The key to it is ‘temporary,’ right? Our listeners are begging us — actually they’re beating me and Rebecca up because we’re saying, ‘Stick with the president. You have to trust his judg​ment if you trust him now.’ But we have to know that people have our back on ‘temporary’ because, you know, Social Security and Medicare and lots of things started out as small programs and became entitlements.”

So, this is a guy who wants the elderly, the poor, the disabled, and others in need to just languish because he doesn’t like them. He wants long term programs that are built into our system gone, likely because he thinks people are just mooching. The last part of the program and Martin’s reasoning is a real zinger.

“Here’s what I told somebody today: If the answer is ‘We’ll send you $1​,000 because times are tough​,’ every Democrat in America will tell you times are tough for every hyphenated American. We’ll have, ‘Transgenders need $1​,000 a month because it’s tough.’”

And that was the real point they were trying to get to. They wanted to attack minorities, and transgender people in particular.

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Republicans barely even hide their bigotry these days, and now they are attacking people who are most vulnerable in the middle of a global pandemic.

A great tidbit to know about Ed Martin is that he was fired over comments about “black racists” on CNN. Naturally, he went to Breitbart.

Listen to this appalling clip below:

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