[BREAKING] Trump Impeached For the Second Time

The House of Representatives made history when they impeached Donald Trump for “incitement of insurrection” Wednesday afternoon, making him the first and only President in history to be impeached a second time.

Ten Republican Representatives broke with the party and voted with Democrats. The one Article of Impeachment cites Trump for stoking the violence last Wednesday at the Capitol that resulted in at least six deaths, including two Capitol Police Officers.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked an effort to bring the Senate back from vacation early to begin Trump’s trial in a more timely fashion, and now opening arguments will be stalled until January 19th, the day before Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be inaugurated.

Ten senators have announced they don’t support impeachment: Marco Rubio of Florida, Rand Paul of Kentucky, Cindy Hyde-Smith and Roger Wicker of Mississippi, Roy Blunt of Missouri, Steve Daines of Montana, Kevin Cramer of North Dakota, Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Ted Cruz of Texas.

[This is a breaking and developing story, please check back for updates]

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