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[BREAKING] Senate Expected to Finally Pass PACT Act After Public Outcry and Protests

[BREAKING] Senate Expected to Finally Pass PACT Act After Public Outcry and Protests

Jon Stewart cares so much about American veterans that he went on Newsmax to take his appeal directly to the most misinformed audience in the hopes of getting through to them. Stewart has been in Washington to lobby (and shame) Congress to pass the PACT Act, which will expand medical coverage for veterans, with a particular focus on those suffering debilitating illnesses as a result of exposure to burn pits.

Stewart’s relentless advocacy, combined with the growing protest on Capitol Hill by veterans and family members who have lost loved ones to diseases tied to burn pit exposure, has brought the vote back to the Senate floor on Tuesday, where it’s expected to pass.

Stewart was among a group of veterans allowed inside the Senate chamber to witness the vote.

The Senate had overwhelmingly approved the legislation once before, but it required a “do-over” for a technical fix. The process was derailed again when Republicans made a late attempt to change another aspect of the bill last week and blocked it from advancing. The abrupt delay outraged veterans groups and advocates, including Stewart. It also placed GOP senators in the uncomfortable position of delaying the top legislative priority of service organizations this session of Congress.

Stewart specifically had targeted Republican Senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Pat Toomey for obstructing a bill they had already voted for.

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President Joe Biden is expected to sign the bill as soon as it’s sent to him. The President has often pushed for the legislation, saying the measure “makes good on our sacred obligation” to care for veterans and their families.

Roughly 70% of disability claims related to burn pit exposure are denied by the VA due to lack of evidence, scientific data and information from the Defense Department.


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