[BREAKING] Secret Service Removes Pence From Senate Floor; Capitol Locked Down

A huge and increasingly violent pro-Trump demonstration has breached the steps of the Capitol building, necessitating a lockdown and bringing the Electoral College proceedings to a halt. Secret Service has escorted Vice President Mike Pence from the Senate floor out of an abundance of caution as the presence outside is creating a potential threat to the body.

MAGA protestors, encouraged by Trump to do whatever it takes to stop Joe Biden from being certified as the President-elect, have been clashing with police since Tuesday, and despite the barriers, the officers have been overwhelmed by the crowd. Despite the violence, no measures to push them back have been deployed, as happened during the Black Lives Matter protests. No tear gas or rubber bullets have yet been used.

[Photo By Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images]
The House has been shut down as well, and those inside have been told to shelter in place as some protestors may have actually breached the entrance and have made it into the Capitol.

[This is a breaking and developing story, please check back throughout the day]

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