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[BREAKING] Ron Johnson Blocks Hawley’s Stimulus Bill Proposing $1200 Checks

[BREAKING] Ron Johnson Blocks Hawley’s Stimulus Bill Proposing $1200 Checks

Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin once again sided against the United States on Friday when he objected to fellow Republican Senator Josh Hawley’s motion to pass a bill via unanimous consent that would provide $1,200 to Americans in the form of direct stimulus checks, citing the ballooning national debt. Johnson, whose July 4, 2018, trip to Moscow with several other Republicans still hasn’t been explained to the American public, claimed the payout to struggling families wasn’t merited as the country enters its tenth month of COVID19-related lockdowns and closings.

Democrats have been trying for months to get a relief bill passed and seemed to be on the verge of finally doing so with Hawley’s bill creating a bridge across the aisle. But Johnson was the lone holdout, blocking the bill from passing and adding more grief than relief to an already beleaguered country.

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Johnson has been repeatedly criticized for spreading Russian disinformation and his stubborn refusal to work with Democrats during the coronavirus pandemic. He claims his concerns are about the size of the stimulus package, which at about $900 billion would be one of the largest in U.S. history, and those concerns are shared by many Senate Republicans.

Hawley has teamed up with an unlikely partner, Independent Senator Bernie Sanders, in a push to include direct payments in Congress’ next coronavirus relief package, which has entered the final stages of negotiations. The bill currently being discussed by congressional leaders does include direct payments, but at a size closer to $600 — half of what Sanders and Hawley have said is necessary to support working families.

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Sanders is expected to come back as soon as Friday afternoon to attempt to pass the bill again.

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