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BREAKING: Robert Mueller Releases Strzok/Flynn Interview Memo

BREAKING: Robert Mueller Releases Strzok/Flynn Interview Memo

Moments ago the special counsel’s office and Robert Mueller released a 302 FBI memo from January 2017, which details a crucial interview conducted by FBI agent Peter Strzok along with another agent and then-national security adviser Michael Flynn.

The memo, which can be read below with partial redactions, details the lies told by Mr. Flynn about his contact with the Russian Ambassador at the time, Sergey Kislyak.

Of particular interest, the memo details the process that Flynn took to downplay discussions he had with Kislyak regarding Russia’s UN Security Council vote on Israeli settlements, in which he sought to have Russia vote against the resolution or at least delay it.

Reading the memo, it’s clear that agents gave Mr. Flynn adequate warning about lying, and tried to refresh his memory on key elements of their questioning several times, but despite their attempts Flynn continued to lie. This goes directly against theories presented by those on the right that the FBI trapped Flynn into telling lies or that he didn’t actually lie in the first place.

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Another interesting portion of the memo comes on page 3 where it says that Flynn volunteered information stating “that after the election, he had a closed door meeting with KISYLAK.” Following this portion of the memo there are multiple lines redacted. The partially redacted memo can be read below:

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