BREAKING: Mueller Ready to Release Report on Possible Trump Collusion and Obstruction

Multiple US Officials have told Bloomberg that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is ready to issue a report on his findings regarding whether or not the Trump Campaign conspired with Russia during the 2016 election. Mueller is also reportedly ready to deliver on his finding on whether the President obstructed justice by trying to interfere in an investigation related to his campaign.

Two officials, who have asked to remain anonymous according to Bloomberg, say that Mueller has all but wrapped up the investigation into both collusion and obstruction, but the findings will likely not be made public until after the election on November 6th.

This suggests that the days and weeks following the election could be a crucial time for this country. If the President decides to fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions and/or Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, someone else could in fact be the person who Mueller reports to once his investigation is concluded. This could be a major determining factor on what is actually released from the report to the general public.

It is entirely possible that Mueller could deliver his report to the Attorney General or Deputy Attorney General and then they could decide to only provide the information to Congress, leaving the public in the dark.

Regardless of the outcome of the investigation, November should certainly be an interesting month for everyone involved. It will also almost certainly be a turning point for a nation which has been waiting nearly 2 years to find out if the President did in fact ‘collude’ with a hostile foreign power.

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