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BREAKING: More Fox News Lawsuits Likely After 90-Page Report Targets Sean Hannity

BREAKING: More Fox News Lawsuits Likely After 90-Page Report Targets Sean Hannity

Fox News and its perpetual stream of misinformation might be more insidious than the deadly coronavirus itself. The right-wing news network that gleefully parrots President Trump’s flagrant lies, already facing a lawsuit from a non-profit in Washington over downplaying the threat of the disease and calling it a “hoax,” is now in even deeper legal trouble following a report showing a direct link between Fox News’ Sena Hannity and the Coronavirus.

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MeidasTouch reports that the top Plaintiff’s lawyers in the country are currently in discussions on bringing a massive class-action lawsuit against Fox News for the injury and damages Fox News misinformation has caused.  Moreover, lawyers intend to use all the damning evidence found in a report published by the Becker Friedman Institute out of the University of Chicago.

According to the 90-page report, “given the large externalities inherent in a pandemic, misinformation may have harmful effects far beyond those on viewers themselves by affecting disease transmission trajectories in the broader population.” The detail-laden report presents a timeline of events as it pertains to the spread of COVID-19, meticulously explaining the role that Hannity played in exasperating the spread of the disease.

Via The Becker Friedman Institute:

We present correlations between viewership of different primetime Fox news shows and viewers’ self-reported timing of behavioral change in response to the coronavirus. Our survey suggests that show content might affect behavior in response to the coronavirus. However, the correlations could be confounded by omitted variable bias or reverse causality: viewers who did not want to believe that the coronavirus was a serious problem or viewers less inclined to changing their behavior might have selected into watching Hannity.

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Basically, Trump’s fanboy was imperiling his own viewers with misinformation that resulted in them getting sick and, more damaging,  is endangering the general public since his miserably misinformed viewers will inevitably interact with the public while blatantly disregarding public safety precautions. We have already seen such egregious behavior in the form of #lockdown protests popping up across the country, which were goaded and cheered on by our psychopathic president.


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