BREAKING: McCarthy Announces Resolution to Censure Waters

Maxine Waters has a long history of activism along with her public service. A strong voice in Congress, Waters suffers no fools and has no problem telling the fools just that. “Auntie Maxine” has earned the reputation for speaking her mind, as she did when she shut down Jim Jordan. Her advocacy makes the Republican Party incredibly nervous, and their attempts to silence her are always met with instant outrage and pushback from her supporters.

Waters has been an outspoken advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement and has been seen marching with protestors throughout the pandemic. But it’s her recent statements regarding the murder of Daunte Wright and the Derek Chauvin trial that have gotten her colleagues across the aisle so triggered, they’re going to censure her.

The judge in Chauvin’s murder trial in the death of George Floyd criticized recent comments by Rep. Waters and said her words could be grounds for the defense to appeal a verdict. Over the weekend, Rep. Waters urged protesters in Minnesota to “get more confrontational” if Chauvin is not convicted leading several GOP lawmakers to call for her expulsion from Congress. It should be noted these same Republicans have stood in support of Marjorie Taylor Greene for making actual threats.

And while looking the other way as Matt Gaetz is being investigated by the House Ethics Committee (and nearly every other sitting Republican in the House has some sort of scandal attached to them), House Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has decided now is the right time to bring censure against Rep. Waters.

It’s unlikely McCarthy’s resolution will go anywhere with a Democratic House majority. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was quoted as saying while she doesn’t fully agree with everything Rep. Waters says, Pelosi fully supports her.



[This is a developing and continuing story, please check back for updates]

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