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[BREAKING] Jim Jordan Sends Reply Full of Falsehoods Refusing to Cooperate With Jan 6th Committee

[BREAKING] Jim Jordan Sends Reply Full of Falsehoods Refusing to Cooperate With Jan 6th Committee

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) was the second sitting member of Congress to receive a request for his cooperation from the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th Capitol riots. And he’s now the second sitting member of Congress to refuse to voluntarily appear to meet with the panel.

Jordan, who has been credibly accused of looking the other way during a rape scandal at Ohio State, issued a scathing letter to Committee Chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) full of falsehoods regarding the committee’s formation, intentions, and methods of obtaining information. Jordan now faces a potential subpoena to appear before the committee, with the same looming threat of Contempt of Congress charges like the others before him in Trump’s orbit who refused to cooperate with the committee.

In the letter to Jordan, who had been nominated by House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy to the original bipartisan panel to be assembled by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi but ultimately rejected for “his potential role” in the events of January 6th, Thompson wrote, “We understand that you had at least one and possibly multiple communications with President Trump on January 6th. We would like to discuss each such communication with you in detail.” The letter continues: “Public reporting suggests that you may also have information about meetings with White House officials and the then-President in November and December 2020, and early-January 2021, about strategies for overturning the results of the 2020 election.” Instead of answering those and other points, Jordan diverted with his own version of the truth.

“This request is far outside the bounds of any legitimate inquiry, violates core Constitutional principles, and would serve to further erode legislative norms,” Jordan wrote to Rep. Thompson. “As you well know, I have no relevant information that would assist the Select Committee in advancing any legitimate legislative purpose,” he added.

Jordan had acknowledged speaking to Trump on Jan. 6 earlier this summer in an interview with Spectrum News. “Yeah, I mean, I spoke with the president last week. I speak with the president all of the time. I spoke with him on Jan. 6. I mean, I talked with President Trump all the time, and that’s … I don’t think that’s unusual,” Jordan said at the time.

The Committee had not responded to Jordan’s letter by press time, but their previous actions against Mark Meadows and Steve Bannon are indicators of what’s ahead for Jordan.

[This is a breaking and developing story, please check back for updates]

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