[BREAKING] IT’S OVER: SCOTUS Rejects Texas and Trump Bid to Overturn Swing State Votes

On Dec. 7, Ken Paxton, the Attorney General for the state of Texas, took an unheard-of step in American politics by attempting to sue Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and Wisconsin directly in the Supreme Court. Paxton, a Republican, has been a fierce supporter of the Trump administration and spearheaded conservative legal causes in court over the past four years, including the latest challenge to the Affordable Care Act that the Supreme Court heard last month. Texas also got support from 126 Republican members of Congress who filed a friend-of-court brief, as did Republican attorneys general in 17 states, six of whom went even farther, separately asking to intervene as parties on their own.

However, the Supreme Court rejected the lawsuit, which was supported by Donald Trump to block the ballots of millions of voters in battleground states that went in favor of President-Elect Joe Biden. This is now the 53rd loss for Trump in his attempt to reverse the legitimate results of the 2020 Presidential election.

A majority of the justices concluded that Texas lacked standing to bring the case at all, a threshold bar that the state had to clear before the case could go any further. The court denied all of the other motions filed in the case as moot once it decided Texas couldn’t bring the case at all, which ended Trump’s bid to get before the justices.

This should effectively end Trump’s fight against the election results, as all 50 states have been certified for Joe Biden. The Electoral College will meet on Monday to officially cast their ballots, which will be counted and certified by Congress on January 6, 2021.

[This is a breaking story, please check back for updates]


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