[BREAKING] “Caveman” Among Latest Arrests from Capitol Siege

The horrific images of the violent insurrection at the Capitol that unfolded live on television and streamed on social media on January 6th have come back to haunt the perpetrators, who somehow thought they would be above the law even as they did very little to cover their faces. Between high-tech facial recognition technology and eagle-eyed social media users, over 100 arrests have now been made, with serious charges carrying heavy sentences.

That any of these people are surprised they’ve been caught just speaks to the privilege they displayed along with the “QAnon Shaman” and the guy who dared bring a Confederate flag into the halls of one of the most sacred American government institutions.

[Photo by Jon Cherry/Getty Images]
One of the more egregious acts committed during the siege was the beating of a Capitol officer (identified only by his initials “B.M.”) with a flagpole on the steps as the crowd surged towards the doors and windows of the building.

peter stager

The individual in the photos has been charged in a criminal complaint and has been identified as Peter Francis Stager, aka the “Caveman”, who was found via an anonymous tip to the FBI. The confidential information identified Stager, a resident of Conway, Arkansas, from two videos posted on Twitter. One depicted him amongst a large group on the Capitol stairs, the complaint says.

Stager claimed he was “wired up” from being “either pepper-sprayed or tear-gassed and that was why he made the comments he did on camera,” says the criminal complaint against him, which adds it was possible he was “tear-gassed by law enforcement officers while attempting to breach the U.S. Capitol building.”

The 41-year-old Stager was also captured on video calling for “death” to anyone inside the building.


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