BREAKING: AMI Reaches Non-Prosecution Agreement Over Hush Money Payment To Karen McDougal

AMI, National Enquirer’s parent company, reached a non-prosecution agreement with federal prosecutors in New York Wednesday, according to a statement from the Department of Justice.

The statement reads that AMI admitted it paid $150,000 to a woman “in concert with” President Trump’s campaign. According to AMI, the payment was made to “ensure that the woman did not publicize damaging allegations about the candidate before the  2016 presidential election.”

AMI Agreement Hush Money
Photo Credit Flickr

Karen McDougal, a former Playboy model, allegedly carried on an affair with Donald Trump. The National Enquirer paid her for exclusive rights to the story, but never ran it. Prosecutors announced Wednesday that the tabloid purchased the story “to suppress the woman’s story so as to prevent it from influencing the election.”

Michael Cohen, who was sentenced today to three years in prison, helped broker the deal with the National Enquirer’s parent company, AMI.

AMI will not be prosecuted in the case, because they are cooperating with investigators, according to NBC News. According to the agreement, AMI pledged to distribute to employees “written standards regarding federal election laws.” The company will also “provide cooperation in the future.”

The U.S. Attorney’s office added, “Assuming AMI’s continued compliance with the agreement, the Office has agreed not to prosecute AMI for its role in that payment.”

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