BREAKING: Agent Injured In Incident Involving Motorcade of Vice President Pence

Reports are coming in that a Secret Service member sustained injuries after the protestor reportedly jumped in front of Vice President Mike Pence’s motorcade outside the White House earlier today. While it’s not quite clear what the motives of the protestor were, eyewitnesses claim that the individual jumped in front of the motorcade. Soon thereafter, a uniformed Secret Service officer began to confront him, when they were both struck by one of the vehicles.

All we know right now is that the apprehending Secret Service member sustained injuries after being hit by the motorcade and that the protestor, who’s identity has yet to be made known, was immediately arrested. The Secret Service has posted the following update moments ago, indicating that the event took place near 7th street and F Streets NW, at 12:55 PM this afternoon. The Vice President was not injured.

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