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Brad Raffensperger Pens a Thanksgiving Op-Ed Tearing Into Trump

Brad Raffensperger Pens a Thanksgiving Op-Ed Tearing Into Trump

Donald Trump lost the 2020 election by a fair margin. Despite his constant claims of fraud, there was no evidence either presented or found by the courts. So it was pretty easy to dismiss the claims as sour grapes.

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And while most elected Republican officials knew this, most refused to say so publicly. So people like Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger were lauded for stating the obvious. And in a recent op-ed for the National Review, Raffensperger tore into the former president.

Writing of his experience a year ago, the Georgia Secretary of State explained, “In the year since, a signature audit and numerous investigations into allegations of fraud have turned up nothing. No one has come forward with evidence of any widespread scheme to steal the election. The courts have reaffirmed the results in Georgia time and time again. A year later, I am even firmer in my conviction that Georgia’s elections were accurate and secure.”

Raffensperger continued, “This reality has not stopped Trump and his supporters from obsessing over an election that Trump’s own Department of Homeland Security called ‘the most secure in American history.'”

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Of course, Raffensperger’s spine is not that strong. Despite the fact that Trump called him an enemy, the GOP official recently refused to rule out voting for Trump in 2024 if he is again the candidate.

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