Brad Raffensperger Issues Statement Blasting “Lying” Sidney Powell

Brad Raffensperger serves as the Republican Secretary of State in Georgia. Despite the fact that he is a member of their party, the GOP has spent he last four months making his life a living hell.

Photo Credit: @GaSecofState/Twitter

And no one defamed the lawmaker more than Trump lawyer Sidney Powell. So Raffesnperger can be forgiven for taking a victory lap now that Powell is being sued by Dominion. The Georgia Secretary of State put out a statement today ripping into the lawyer.

Raffensperger titled his missive, “The Kraken Cracks Under Pressure: Sidney Powell Claims ‘No Reasonable Person Would Conclude That [Her] Statements Were Truly Statements Of Fact.”

The Georgia Secretary of State continued, “In the face of legal action, Sidney Powell admitted that her effort to make millions lying to the American people had no facts to begin with… While the loss of the Senate due to her lies will have ramifications for years, I most sympathize with those who believed her in the first place and who she now considers not reasonable enough to realize she should not have been taken seriously.”

You can read the entire statement below:

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