Brad Parscale’s Upcoming Book Has Donald Trump And Cronies Worried

It’s being reported that Donald Trump and others in his circle are concerned about the book former campaign manager Brad Parscale is planning to release. A close insider, Parscale could reveal damaging details about the family and associates.

Brad Parscale writing book, Trump worried
[Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images]

Bloomberg reports that Parscale has been writing a book, and has told people that he has a literary agent and is negotiating with a publisher. It’s too late for the book to hurt Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, but depending on what Parscale has decided to share, it could have business or legal consequences for Trump, or affect any hypothetical future campaign he or his offspring might mount.

Donald Trump has used his influence and position to attempt to prevent the publication of multiple books about him, arguing that they contained classified material. However, if the 2020 Presidential Election continues on its current track and Joe Biden takes office, Trump will no longer have the Justice Department at his back.

As the numbers began to look like a Trump loss, while others connected to the campaign cried fraud, Parscale suggested that any Republicans who wanted to keep working had better speak up.

Brad Parscale was the subject of a Lincoln Project campaign earlier this year, in which the anti-Trump Republican group suggested that Trump’s then-campaign-manager was getting away with something, becoming rich on Trump’s time.

A short time later, the New York Times was reporting that Trump had replaced Parscale as campaign manager, though there were mixed reports on whether this was a ‘demotion.’

Following that, Parscale had an incident in which he was arrested, accused of domestic abuse and threats of self-harm or suicide. There have been reports that the Trump campaign was concerned about him leaking campaign finance information.

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