Boycott Walmart? ‘Impeach 45’ Apparel Is Angering Trump Supporters

Walmart has come under fire for selling a line of clothing that openly demands the impeachment of Donald Trump. The clothing, which featured the term “Impeach 45” in bold lettering, has since been removed from the companies website but #MAGA outrage on Twitter is alive and well.

Photo Credit: Walmart.com

The term #boycottWalmart started appearing on Twitter soon after the clothing line was revealed. Donald Trump’s supporters say its unpatriotic and have promised to swear off Walmart for good.

While Twitter users were flipping out over the sale, the company also sells “Make America Great Again” apparel and items that clearly state, “Donald Trump Speaks For Me.” The mixture of items seems to show a lack of partisan politics from the retailer.

Much of the outrage was tweeted out by Twitter users with “Deplorable” in their user name.

Here are just a few of the shirts that have drawn the ire of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters.

Photo Credit: Walmart.com


This is hardly the first time Walmart has drawn criticism for items sold on its website. The company was forced to stop selling merchandise that read: “Bulletproof – Black Lives Matter.” Those shirts were removed after the company came under fire from the National Fraternal Order of Police.

In the meantime, with Donald Trump telling his followers to stay away from Amazon.com, and now Walmart angering his base, the number of discount retailers they are willing to shop at continues to shrink.

We also can’t forget Target which came under fire by conservative Trump followers over its open bathroom policy for transgender customers.

It’s a shrinking retail world for Trump’s supporters.

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