Border Patrol Union Comes Out in Support of Latest Border Bill

Both Democratic and Republican Senators have been working hard on a bi-partisan border bill that would also fund Israel and Ukraine. The Republicans in the House, though, have never been interested in passing any kind of legislation, just complaining. 

Some, like Republican lawmaker James Lankford have attacked their colleagues for not reading the bill. The members of border patrol have read it, though, and their Union is coming out in support of the measure. 

In a statement issued to the press, the Border Patrol Union wrote:

"Since Joe Biden has been in offie, the CBP has averaged over 6,700 apprehensions a day and the vast majority have been released under a policy known as catch-and-release. Approximately 60% of all border apprehensions are single male adults, a good number of whom are of military age. The Border Act of 2024 will codify into law authorities that U.S. Border Patrol Agents never had in the past. This will allow us to remove single adults expeditiously and without a lengthy judicial review, which historically has required of these individuals into the interior of the U.S. This alone will drop illegal U.S. border crossings nationwide and will allow a great number of our agents to get back to detecting and apprehending those who want to cross our border illegally, and evade apprehension. While not perfect, the Border Patrol Act of 2024 is a step in the right direction and far better than the status quo, which is why the National Border Control Council endorses this bill and hopes for a quick passage."