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Borat Has Joined Twitter and He’s Trolling the Bejesus Out of Trump

Borat Has Joined Twitter and He’s Trolling the Bejesus Out of Trump

A few days ago, Sacha Baron Cohen wrote a stirring piece for Time Magazine about the seriousness of conspiracy theories. The comedian also has a silly side. While he hails from Britain, Cohen has spent many years lampooning American culture.

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Arguably to most famous of Cohen’s characters is Borat Sagdiyev. The Kazakhstani man even had his own movie which hit theaters in 2006. And now Sagdiyev has joined Twitter. And the first thing he did was mock President Donald Trump.

In one message, Borat wrote, “Premiere Trump true leader – he have prove himself stronger than more than 200,000 of his American subjects!” Sagdiyev also noted, “Trump so strong he did not even need to drink bleach to stay alive!”

The Kazakhstani journalist continued, “Trump would have leave hospital sooner, but he nice and did not want to hurt covid’s feelings.”

And Borat closed, “Trump very kind man! When he go on car ride outside hospital, he give driver many thanks and also some of his covids medicine.”

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The Twitter account is likely meant to act as a marketing arm for Cohen’s new Borat movie. The film, entitled, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, will be premiering later this year. Check out a trailer for the film below:

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