Boogaloo Bois Have Infiltrated George Floyd Protests According To Officials

Government officials are pointing their fingers at a far-right group for causing chaos in this past week’s protests. The Boogaloo Bois is believed to be the main group of infiltrating protests. Their goal seems to be to cause chaos and rioting. The group is a white supremacist group and has made no bones about its hate for minorities and the government.

In a conversation with reporters, Gov. Tim Walz of Minnesota said that Neo-Nazis and Mexican drug cartels were the sources of the violence in Minneapolis, as well as, other cities around the country. He said, “The situation in Minneapolis is no longer in any way about the murder of George Floyd.  It is about attacking civil society, instilling fear, and disrupting our great cities.”

Minnesota Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington had this to say at the press conference, “We have seen things like white supremacist organizers posting on platforms about coming to Minnesota.” He also explained that white extremists are sending messages to their friends to go to Minneapolis to “get our loot on.” Harrington said that the matter is being investigated.

Gov. Walz added, “It gets worse than that. The cartels, who are wondering if there was a break in their drug transmissions, are trying to take advantage of the chaos. That’s why this situation is on a federal level. Walz stated that it is believed that 80 percent of the rioter is not from Minneapolis.

St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter also chimed into the conversation. He said, “Those folks who are agitating and inciting are taking advantage of the pain, of the hurt, of the frustration, of the anger, of the very real and legitimate sadness that so many of our community members feel, to advocate for the destruction of our communities.”

White supremacists were first suspected of causing destruction when a video surfaced online showing a white man in a tactical gas mask, boots, and gloves smashing the windows of an Autozone. Fueling the speculation was the fact that when confronted the man would walk away and talk to no one.

As the protests continue we will see if the violence will get worse.

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