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Bombshell New Allegations: Kushner Appears to be Extorting Qatari Government

Bombshell New Allegations: Kushner Appears to be Extorting Qatari Government

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While America’s attention has been focused primarily on the Mueller report, over the course of the last several weeks, a story that likely isn’t clearly captured in the Mueller report has been building steam. For well over a year now, there has been speculation about Jared Kushner’s security clearance, as well as his meetings and ties with various leaders within the Middle East. Now it appears as if this speculation is becoming a full-blown scandal.

Last week on KrassenCast we spoke to Vicky Ward, an investigative journalist and author of the new book Kushner Inc. Since then, Ward, who has been investigating ties that Kushner has had with the Saudis, Emiratis and Qataris, has come across new information that appears to imply that the president’s son-in-law may be extorting the nation of Qatar.  HillReporter has also been in contact with several sources with ties to the Qatari government, which also help confirm some of the information that Ward has provided.  Ward made another appearance today on KrassenCast, in Episode 12, that is now available on iTunes, Youtube. and Google Play

It all started back in April of 2017, after Jared Kushner’s father, Charles Kushner, met with the Qatari finance minister at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City.

“Charles Kushner asked for $1 billion according to someone in that meeting, to whom I have spoken. The Qataris turned Charles Kushner down because the deal was a bad deal,” Ward explained to KrassenCast.

The deal she is talking about was in regards to a building owned by Kushner Properties located at 666 5th Ave. At the time, the company was headed towards a foreclosure of the property as a balloon payment came due in January of 2019. According to some sources, the revenue from the building only covered approximately 50% of the mortgage payment.

Ward then went on to explain the shocking details of what happened next, according to Qatari officials:

“What I have learned is that in the ensuing month [May 2017] before the US visit to Riyadh, Jared Kushner got on a plane and flew to Doha, the Qatari capital, and he reamed the Qatari ruling family, the al-Thanis, for not doing the deal with his father… They began to feel that he was indirectly threatening their sovereignty. The next thing they know, when they show up to the summit in Riyadh, the Emir, the ruler of Qatar, arrives with an entourage, but his entourage is suddenly cut off from him, and not allowed into the summit at the same time by the Saudis, which he felt was a move to deliberately make him look weak. You have to remember during this summit, Jared and Ivanka go off for a cozy secret unmonitored dinner with [Saudi Crown Prince] MBS. Nobody knows what they talked about,” Ward explained to KrassenCast.

Just ten days later, against the advice of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Defense James Mattis, the United States supported the Saudi and UAE-led blockade of Qatar. On June 6, 2017 President Trump shockingly supported the blockade of a key US ally in the region, forcing many within his own Administration and the GOP to question the move publicly.

“What the Qataris found was not just a blockade. There were Saudi [and] Emerati troops on their border,” Ward explained to KrassenCast. “What they interpreted this as, was Jared Kushner basically saying, ‘if you don’t pay my father and pay off this building, look what’s going to happen. We’re going to, I’m going to, the Americans are going to sanction an invasion of your country.’ Sources in the State Department say, yes, it’s true; troops were on the border,” Ward continued.

Nine months later, a Canadian company, Brookfield Partners, who the Qatari Investment Authority owns a $1.8 billion or 9% stake in, bailed out Kushner Properties, with a 99-year lease agreement for 666 5th Ave.

“They bail it out in a deal that makes absolutely no economic sense. They do a 99-year lease and they pay the entire 99-year lease up front. You don’t need to be good at math, you don’t need to be in the New York real estate community to understand how crazy that is,” Ward told KrassenCast.

Around this same time, President Trump publicly shifts course, no longer supporting the blockade, as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tells Saudi Arabia to stop the embargo.

Last week, after hearing from two sources claiming to be familiar with the deal, HillReporter reached out to Brookfield for comment.  Andrew Brent, the head of communications for Brookfield Properties denied that Qatar or QIA had any involvement in 666 5th Ave. deal.

“Please use this from me as a spokesperson for Brookfield as our on-the-record response to your inquiry: ‘Neither QIA nor any Qatari officials had any involvement at any point with Brookfield’s transaction for 666 Fifth Avenue,'” Brent told HillReporter

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When we specifically asked Brent if the Qatari government knew that the deal would be taking place prior to its announcement, which would have been counter to other public statements made by Brookfield, Brent cut off all communications with us.  In fact, we called and emailed him, as well as the company’s Senior Managing Partner and the Chairman, Ric Clark, several times, without getting a response.

We asked Ward her opinion on whether Qatar wanted it to be known that Kushner was likely extorting their nation by using the Saudi government as his pawn. Her response was rather frightening.

“I think the Qataris probably want it out there, but they don’t want their fingerprints on it because that would be dangerous to them. I think they’re genuinely afraid of Jared Kushner, so they don’t want to be associated with getting the story out there. They think their sovereignty is under threat and Jared is behind it. So, and they want that to end,” Ward explained.

Ward closed out the interview with the shocking revelation that she has heard that there is documentation out there to prove this apparent extortion attempt by Mr. Kushner and the Trump White House. Ward is continuing to investigate the matter.  HillReporter has also separately been made aware of possible documentation that exists by additional sources.

The entire, shocking interview with Vicky Ward is now available on iTunes, Youtube. and Google Play, as well as in the embedded video below.

Vicky Ward’s new book is now available on Amazon.

You can subscribe to the KrassenCast podcast on iTunes, Youtube. and Google Play.

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