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Bolton on Trump’s COVID Response: “He Just Didn’t Want to Hear It”

Bolton on Trump’s COVID Response: “He Just Didn’t Want to Hear It”

During his impeachment trial of Donald Trump, John Bolton refused to testify unless subpoenaed. That does not mean, however, that Bolton always acts in the President’s best interests. The former National Security Adviser was willing to spill plenty of White House secrets in his recent book.

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And Bolton is also more than happy to go on cable news shows and talk about his experiences within the Trump administration. During a Monday appearance on CNN, Bolton was asked about the President’s early reaction to COVID. According to Bolton, Trump just didn’t want to hear about it.

Host Wolf Blitzer asked, “In mid August, the president told Bob Woodward, quote, ‘Nothing more could have been done to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.’ The death toll at that point was 168,000 in the U.S. You worked with the president, you know how he operates. Do you think he truly believes nothing more could have been done or is that simply damage control on his part?”

Bolton responded, “Well, I think it is both. I think he believed it at the time, whether it is true or not. I think the history of the eight months that preceded that is very clear that the government reacted late, largely because in the early days of the virus the president simply didn’t want to hear about it.”

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The Republican consultant continued, “He didn’t want anything to get in the way of the trade deal with China that he signed in January or anything that indicated a problem for the U.S. economy which he saw as his ticket to re-electioSo precious months were lost when this pandemic could have been mitigated substantially.”

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