Bolton Freaked Out To AG Barr Over Trump’s Constant Favors To Autocrats, His Book Lays Out

Details from a book planned to be published by former National Security Advisor John Bolton demonstrates that there were serious qualms expressed by him to Attorney General William Barr over favors President Donald Trump regularly did for autocratic leaders.

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

As the New York Times has reported, with the book written by Bolton, with the planned title “The Room Where It Happened,” the former adviser had grave concerns about Trump’s interactions with Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and China’s President Xi Jinping, and questioned whether the U.S. president’s generosity toward those nations was ill-placed.

Bolton details in his book, according to sources with knowledge of its contents, that Barr had the same worries. The attorney general confided in Bolton that there were ongoing Justice Department investigations related to those nations, and Trump’s words with those leaders made it seem as though he was trying to have influence over them.

This is the second bombshell revelation this week from Bolton’s planned book, due out in March of this year. Over the weekend, news also broke when it was revealed that, within the book, Bolton said Trump had directly told him that the military aid that was frozen for Ukraine in mid-2019 was indeed intended to coerce that nation to announce investigations into Joe and Hunter Biden, CNN reported.

That contradicts the administration’s major line of defense for the president during his Senate impeachment trial — that Trump’s freeze of aid was an attempt to try and root out corruption.

Trump stands accused of abusing his power of office, as it appeared to the House of Representatives in an impeachment vote last month that his demands focused on his own political ends instead of advancing U.S. foreign policy matters.

The revelations from Bolton have resulted in Democrats making demands for witness testimony from the former NSA during the impeachment trial. Republicans are concerned that doing so could open up the possibility of more witnesses being heard in the trial, which goes against their strategy of delivering a quick win for the president.

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