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Boebert’s Threat to Help MAGA Candidates in 2022 Is Just More Proof GOP Is Dismantling Voting System From Within

Boebert’s Threat to Help MAGA Candidates in 2022 Is Just More Proof GOP Is Dismantling Voting System From Within

When someone tells you who they are, listen the first time.

If you can’t beat ’em, cheat ’em.

That’s always been the MAGA motto, but it’s gotten far more blatant this election cycle as the Republicans are facing very real consequences in connection with the January 6th attack on the Capitol. Both Steve Bannon and Mark Meadows are actually facing legal ramifications of ducking the House Select Committee’s subpoenas, and their co-conspirators are scared. But since they’ve never had any intention of behaving normally by accepting election results, why not just dismantle the American voting system entirely?

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Aside from the regular GOP tactics like gerrymandering and voter suppression, there are now Trump-anointed candidates who are being deliberately placed in races where the Republican incumbent has been identified as “not an America First Republican,” which means they’re not living inside of Trump’s digestive tract like some others. These candidates are dangerous because they have the full backing of Donald Trump and his donors, making it easy for them to out-fundraise the incumbents.

Joe Kent and Kari Lake are just two of the Trump-anointed who are positioned to take over seats where their predecessors had enough presence of mind to vote in their constituents’ best interests. When I interviewed Kent, he confirmed he was chosen to challenge Washington State’s third district Representative, Jaime Herrera Beutler, who’s been re-elected to her seat five times. Herrera Beutler voted for Trump’s second impeachment, and also famously appeared on the House floor to speak to her January 6th experience standing beside Kevin McCarthy as he called the White House and begged Trump to call off the crowd. Kent openly admitted that despite Herrera Beutler voting with Trump over 85% of the time, those two reasons are why he’s running. He also admitted on camera that he’s going to challenge the results of not just his primary, but every primary and subsequent race in 2022.

Now Lauren Boebert is just the most recent member of the “GQP” to say all of the quiet parts out loud, admitting that they’re doing all they can to make sure the 2022 midterms are a hot mess.

They’re telling us what they’re doing. They’re going to put Trump’s people in races where they want to remove those they see as disloyal. They’re going to challenge the results if they lose. Democrats need to be aware that this problem will only get worse as Trump finds more “loyal soldiers” to throw themselves into races where they don’t belong to make sure the American voting process breaks down completely.

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