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Boebert Faces Backlash For Tweeting ‘Unbelievably Ignorant’ COVID Misinformation

Boebert Faces Backlash For Tweeting ‘Unbelievably Ignorant’ COVID Misinformation

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (Q-CO) on Wednesday deleted a tweet in which she downplayed the threat posed by the Delta variant of the Coronavirus.

“The easiest way to make the Delta variant go away is to turn off CNN. And vote Republican,” the QAnon-loving Rep tweeted. She was met with immediate backlash for once again tweeting misinformation and propaganda.

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The Delta variant was first detected in India, where it began circulating around April. It is now present to varying degrees in at least 85 countries, according to the World Health Organization, and responsible for a 10% increase in COVID cases nationwide in the United States.

In Europe, the Delta variant initially gained a foothold in the United Kingdom, where it quickly outpaced the previous variant of concern Alpha, and now comprises 95 percent of all sequenced cases in England. Delta is thought to be some 40 to 60 percent more contagious than Alpha, which itself is more contagious than the strain responsible for the first wave of COVID-19.

Health officials identified the first Colorado case of the Delta variant on May 5 in Mesa County, which is part of the congressional district represented by Boebert. Despite the spread, a three-day country music festival in her district still took place and was identified as a potential superspreader event.

Boebert ended up deleting her tweet about the Delta variant after she starting receiving backlash over her statement.

Meanwhile, the House Ethics Committee investigation into Boebert’s behavior on January 6th has been dropped.

Just days after the January 6th insurrection, Boebert refused to comply with tightened security at the Capitol, refused to allow security to search her bag after setting off a metal detector. “We already see in Washington, D.C., you can’t petition your government,” she told a Republican Party meeting in Montrose in March. “You’re an insurrectionist if you do that.” Boebert’s actions during the insurrection so irked her communications manager, Ben Goldey, that he quit after less than two weeks on the job, stating that he didn’t agree with how she’d handled events that day. Boebert’s teenage intern also resigned.

The ethics complaint against Boebert had been filed in March by Representative Pramila Jayapal, a Democrat from Washington who also filed complaints against representatives Mo Brooks of Alabama and Paul Gosar of Arizona. The committee considered passing the complaint to an investigative subcommittee, but that motion failed to pass, and on June 11th the committee informed the reps that the complaint had been dropped. But Jayapal had also submitted a complaint to the Office of Congressional Ethics, where it’s now under consideration.

Boebert famously tweeted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s whereabouts during the siege on the Capitol and was also spotted giving her mother and others a tour of the building on January 5th, something other members of Congress had taken note at the time as being unusual.


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