Boebert Already Burned Through $30K of “Reimbursements” Before Taking Office

Even before she was officially sworn into office, Lauren “Squeaky” Boebert was taking advantage of her dubiously achieved plum new gig as a member of Congress. According to a post by a website called Colorado Pols, Boebert was writing herself personal checks for mileage reimbursements. In early December, they report, Boebert wrote herself a check from her campaign account in the amount of $21,199.52 for “mileage reimbursement.”

Despite that being a massive amount of money for mileage, it wasn’t the full total Boebert had been reimbursed. Boebert had also submitted a similar claim in March of 2020, which brought her total 2020 mileage reimbursement amount to $22,259.14.

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[Photo by JASON CONNOLLY/AFP via Getty Images]
Boebert’s campaign finance reports indicate that the candidate was “reimbursed” for a total of $30,177 in 2020. Colorado Pols explains just how Boebert might be working the system:

“The current mileage reimbursement rate dictated by the IRS is $0.575 cents per mile, which means that Boebert is claiming to have driven roughly 36,868 miles since April 2020. To put this in perspective, consider that a full-time semi-truck driver clocks about 45,000 miles per year; at Boebert’s claimed mileage rate, she would have driven 55,302 miles in 2020. Truck drivers who do nothing else but drive for 8-10 hours a day would have a hard time matching this number.”

Colorado’s Third Congressional District is a huge area geographically, but that still doesn’t explain Boebert’s huge driving expense when the price of gas is lower than it has been in years. Boebert is saying that she put enough miles on her car since April to drive from her home in Rifle to Denver more than 200 times. To quote Colorado Pols: “Boebert claims she drove far enough in 8 months to have circumnavigated the globe 1.5 times.”

Boebert also accepted an illegally gifted gun from a notorious white supremacist. Whoops!

Campaign accounts are not supposed to be used as personal bank accounts funds for candidates. Unless Boebert can somehow document her exorbitant mileage claims, this would appear to be a pretty cut and dried case of misusing campaign funds.

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