Bobby V: ‘Hollywood Hearts’ Single Review

Bobby V is on the scene again, and boy does he sound good! After awhile without that Bobby V sound, he has now come out with a couple of new songs and features. We recently heard him deliver an outstanding performance of Ryan Leslie’s “MZRT” album on a song titled “Sounds.” He is now making a solo appearance with a brand new song titled “Hollywood Hearts.” This song is from an upcoming movie project Bobby V is working on, and I must say it is quite a pleasant sound from the long lost Bobby.

“Hollywood Hearts” presents a broken-hearted Bobby V as he wonders what happened to her and all the good times they had. He is wondering where all that went. Life is still good, and the status hasn’t changed, but he doesn’t want to be there without her. He is pleading with her to go way back and reminisce over the good times they shared. Where did all that go? Bobby V wants things to go back to how they used to be, when she was his, and it’s all really hard for him to take in because she was there from the beginning. “Hollywood Hearts” depicts a situation that could happen to anyone.

Time has not affected Bobby V’s sound at all; he still sounds like the same old Bobby V that melted hearts with his 2005 hit single “Slow Down.” Time hasn’t affected his vocals either, and he still sounds amazing. His soft voice is still effortless as he escalates from one note to another. His voice is still an immensely impressive aspect of his overall sound, but this is no surprise, as he proved himself long ago.

Despite his ability to maintain a consistently good sound, Bobby V’s previous releases over the past few years have not attained as much extolment as his earlier releases. However, I am very optimistic about the level of praise “Hollywood Hearts” may attain. Today, music genres have absorbed a lot of influence from past genres, and the pure sound in most genres has been muddled or lost. With “Hollywood Hearts,” Bobby V brings back that unmistakably pure R&B sound. The lyrics are also worth noting, as they are well written and paint a vivid picture of the setting the song is portraying.

It feels really good to hear Bobby V again, especially when he shows up with a song that sounds this good. “Hollywood Hearts” is a reminder that Bobby V still has it. I genuinely hope this single will open the flood gates to a lot more new sounds from the smooth-voiced, Mississippi-born singer.