Bob Woodward Wanted to Out Brett Kavanaugh as His Clinton Investigation Source During SCOTUS Hearings

Veteran investigative journalist, Bob Woodward is revealing that he wanted to reveal Brett Kavanaugh as his Clinton investigation when he was writing his book  Shadow: Five Presidents and the Legacy of Watergate. Woodward wanted to reveal the secret during Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS hearings but he was convinced not to do it.

According to Woodward, Kavanaugh gave him many behind the scenes secrets about Ken Starr’s investigation into former President Bill Clinton. Kavanaugh did this while serving on Starr’s team. Woodward recalls being angered by Kavanaugh lying about the situation on record and Woodward wanted to expose him in 2018. The Washington Post decided not to print the story. The story would have exposed Kavanaugh’s lies by pointing out the fact that he provided the very information he is now publicly denying.

Independent Counsel Ken Starr’s investigation into Bill Clinton laid the groundwork for Clinton’s impeachment. This new revelation could be grounds for removing Kavanaugh from the United States Supreme Court. Kavanaugh was appointed by President Donald Trump.

Quoting James Gordon of the dailymail.com, “Bob Woodward, the investigative journalist most famous for his original reporting on the Watergate scandal in 1972, was apparently going to publish a story exposing Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh as being an anonymous source in his 1999 book Shadow: Five Presidents and the Legacy of Watergate. Kavanaugh gave Woodward juicy behind the scenes details about Ken Starr’s investigation into Bill Clinton in 1998, while serving as a lawyer on Starr’s team. But then Kavanaugh publicly denied ever being a source for Woodward’s book in a letter to the Washington Post in 1999.”

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