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Bob Woodward Says That he Will Release Tapes From His Book Interviews if His Sources Ask Him to

Bob Woodward Says That he Will Release Tapes From His Book Interviews if His Sources Ask Him to

Bob Woodward

While Bob Woodward is perhaps one of the most respected journalists of our time, The President, the White House, and the majority of the president’s supporters have undoubtedly attacked this man as a “liar” and his book, “Fear: Trump in White House,” as being “inaccurate”.

What these people don’t realize is the Woodward, who is responsible for helping uncover Nixon’s Watergate scandal, is a professional at what he does, and almost certainly backs his claims up with evidence. In this case, that evidence comes in the form of tapes, and lots of them.

On Thursday, Woodward told CBS that he literally has ”boxes of recordings and documents,” related to the extensive interviews he had with White House officials and others close to the president. This morning, on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, we learned that Woodward would be willing to release these tapes.

When Hewitt asked Woodward if he would release the tapes if someone on them asked him to, without hesitation his response was, “Yes, I think I would. This is meticulously done, trying to cross reference everything and so forth. I would expect somebody would not want to release their information because they’re confidential sources and, as you know, I protect my sources. I think it’s one of the building blocks of journalism and book writing.”

Woodward also suggested that if a Trump supporter were to listen to his tapes, it would really open their eyes.

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“I can argue with a straight face that an ardent Trump supporter would read this and have to pause. Because whether you like Trump or don’t like Trump, it’s a management issue,” Woodward told CBS.

Trump and the White House seem to have very little wiggle room in this situation, as Woodward also claimed that a “key” official within the White House, who has publicly criticized the book, privately told him that the details within the book are “1,000 percent true”.

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