A Republican Senator Just Told Trump The White House Is An ‘Adult Day Care Center’

Donald Trump and Scott Corker

Donald Trump is officially losing public support from Senators he needs to keep on his side if he plans to pass any of his misguided policies.

On Sunday morning, Trump decided to pick a fight that he immediately lost, this time with Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee.

Corker was previously a steady but quite supporter of the President’s. He endorsed the POTUS during the election and remained steadfast in his support for the President for the first 10 months of his Presidency.

In August, Senator Corker began questioning Trump’s competence, and in September he announced he wouldn’t seek reelection in 2018, a decision that may allow Democrats to pick up his seat.

Trump decided to go off on Corker with the following tweets:

Senator Corker, offering a well-thought out and hilarious tweet shot back with this awesome tweet:

Senator Corker may have supported Donald Trump in the past but this tweet won our hearts for the week.

If Trump’s biggest supporters are starting to speak out against him, the President is in for a bumpy ride for the next three years.

Welcome to the Red State…

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