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“Blue Lives Matter” Taken Offline Over Hate Speech

“Blue Lives Matter” Taken Offline Over Hate Speech

blue lives matter taken offline

The media company behind the Blue Lives Matter site, which used to host news and posts pertaining to law enforcement, has closed down the site for now, replacing it with a statement about the future of its content. Specifically, the notice says that the decision comes from hate speech in the comment forums.

blue lives matter taken offline
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According to Geekwire, Blue Lives Matter is owned by Maven, and used to have an ‘about’ page explaining that the site was run entirely by active, former, and retired law enforcement officers and their families. Described as a ‘pro-police’ website, it shared news and information about policing, and current events relevant to law enforcement.

Now, however, the site has only one page: “an open letter to our audience and the general public.”

The letter explains that the site will be on hiatus while owners determining how to go forward. They say that the Blue Lives Matter was intended to be a statement in support of law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty, and to celebrate and honor police for heroic acts and public service.

However, the notice explains, the conversation on the site has shifted to divisive and hate-filled rhetoric.

Additionally, our community forum — as the last two weeks painfully illustrated — has been overrun by people more focused on division and hate rather than constructive, civil conversation….Unfortunately, especially with recent events, it has become impossible to manage the influx of others who have come here to spew racist comments and encourage violence. They have, quite frankly, destroyed the vision and intent of our media platform.

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According to the New York Post, this move was driven by Maven staff, who found the racist content in the forums to be disturbing and inappropriate at best. One employee is cited as saying, “Blue Lives Matters’ comment sections are full of people calling for the extermination of people like me,” and another expressed concern over a call to use drones and snipers to target alleged looters.

In closing, the notice says that the Blue Lives Team hopes to resurrect the site under a new name and with “new plans and tactics to move forward and fulfill our original vision and mission,” and allow “free but civil” speech.

Hate has no place in the hearts of Americans, and we will continue to fight against it in all of its forms. Right now we believe it’s important to take a pause, but you’ll be hearing from us soon.

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